Hi! If you stopped by, you probably know my name is Eric Novello. I am an author and translator, and from time to time I write music lyrics for my singer sister. I write contemporary books for young adult readers and fantasy books for adults, just to mix it up. Every title has a foot on reality and another in my strange world, in variable proportions.

Wizards and cats of smoke? Speaking dolls trapped in bottles? Friends fighting against a fundamentalist government? That's my thing. I've worked on so much that you would begin to yawn if I were to tell you now. So let's get straight to the point: I was born in Rio de Janeiro and moved to São Paulo in 2007. I think feminism is important, that homophobia should be criminalized and that the world could do with less assholes and grimaces. I read compulsively, I love movies and series and I'm constantly creating playlists out there. I collect Funkos (also compulsively?), I cultivate cacti and succulents, and I am the human pet of a Maine coon called Odin. In the off-hours, I build empires in Civilization and cool my head on my PlayStation, never running from a good Mortal Kombat fight or a stroll through Arkham.











 Books in other languages / published abroad

En una gran metrópolis, un hombre lobo con una habilidad especial se requiere para prestar servicios a la policía a cambio de no ser molestado. En una misión, él se encuentra en el médio de una masacre que cambiará su vida, en esta historia que mezcla fantasía y negroliterario en el estilo.

Books in Portuguese

Ninguém Nasce Herói (2017)

Five friends try to find their place in a dystopian Brazil with a fundamentalist government and a very violent police. Drizzle, the main character, is a pacifist and believes art and culture are valuable weapons, but his beliefs are put to the test when violence spreads and things get tough.

Exorcismos, Amores e Uma Dose de Blues (2014)

In a bolder thrust into fantasy, EADB tells the story of an exorcist who was fired for not driving out a muse from the body of a rocker girl. While Tiago tries to fix his mistake, we question the use of drugs, online addiction, the importance of appearance in the definition of our identity and sexual freedom, in a world without monotheistic religion.

 A Sombra no Sol (2012)

Through 30 short stories, you’ll join the life of a male escort, while taking a deep look at the human soul and talking about religion, power, kinks, love and loneliness.

Neon Azul (2010)

Built with independent chapters that could be read in any order, Neon Azul tells the story of a bar that makes its customer and employees face their most primitive fears and deepest temptations. Lawyers, musicians, hookers, singers and businessmen, nobody can escape the blue light.